Olford Count Amor:  3 February 1993 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree) - Photo Gallery

Olford Count Amor is the first 100% Crabbet stallion I owned. He has bred what can only be described as terrific stock to all mares he has covered. He has produced Pure, Part and Anglo stock of the best quality, all with lovely bone and substance, always with the characteristic Olford temperament. Although on in age Count Amor is available to a very limited number of outside mares.

Shovan Gazee:  8 October 1989 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

Gazee is an Olford through and through, he has a lovely shoulder and neck and has bred this on in his foals. He is the sire of Olford Silver Sabre and is athletic in build. Although on in age is he is available to a very limited number of outside mares. He is rare in that he carries old Crabbet breeding close up in his pedigree.


Dartford Seralynx:  28 October 1999 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

Standing at 15hh Seralynx is an impressive stallion with tremendous bone. His dam Osiris Seraphina was the first 100% Crabbet mare I purchased and bred, Seralynx under the Dartford prefix before I was bestowed the Olford Stud. Seralynx has 6 crosses to Raktha. This stallion has an exceptional temperament and wonderful movement, a quality he has passed to his foals, producing outstanding riding horses. Seralynx is available to a limited number of outside mares each year.

Olford Sera-Victor:  17 November 2004 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

Olford Sera-Victor is the only son of Olford Serafantasy retained at Olford. His unusual eye-catching white markings draw attention to what is a well conformed gentle stallion. His Sire, Olford Danny Boy is a direct descendant of the famous Crabbet stallion Blue Domino. Olford Sera-Victor has a lovely combination of Crabbet blood including stallions like Silver Vanity, Raktha, Royal Crystal and Blue Domino. Sera-Victor is available to outside mares each year.

Olford Sera-Domino:  16 December 2006 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

Olford Sera-Domino has extreme movement for his size. Only standing 14.3hh this double Olford Danny Boy is a sight to see move. We reared him by hand due to his dam not suckling him at birth. Sera-Domino is available to outside mares.

Olford Silver Sabre:  16 February 2008 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

Olford Silver Sabre has turned out to be a lovely elegant stallion with stylish movement. His Grand dam on his sires side is the famous Olford mare, Olford Serafan. Silver Sabre is in tail femal line descended from Silver Gilt and carries the rare blood of Olford Serad and the imported stallion Silver Rocket. Silver Sabre is available to outside Mares.

Olford Dancing Duel:  10 February 2009 - 100% Crabbett  (pedigree)

This young colt is the son of Olford Seraoud who we sold to the Rous Brothers of Henham Stud. He is the first foal from his dam Olford Dancing Belle and promises to become a sire of quality 100% Crabbet stock. His lovely pedigree will compliment most breeding programs and will be available to outside mares.

Dartford Bondi Boy:  19 December 2005 (pedigree)

Bondi Boy has the most incredible temperament you could wish for in a stallion. He is a Shovan Gazee son out of the English bred mare Dartford My Madonna. Bondi Boy is available to outside mares and has bred lovely part bred foals at home.

He started competing in endurance in 2011. He won his category and took best condition in his first out of novice 80km ERASA ride at Schansraal. He came 2nd buy 1:30sec in his next ride and took best condition again. We look forward to a great season with him in 2012.

Dartford My Masterpiece:  2 January 2009 (pedigree)

My Masterpiece is indicative of his name. This classy colt is one that will haunt you once you have seen him in the flesh. A leggy colt with a wonderful hind end and front he moves like a dream and handles with ease. This Colt is for sale and will be an absolute asset to any breeding program. He is proof of the quality his sire Olford Count Amor has bred over the years.

Olford Silver Snap: 6th September 2010 – 100% Crabbet (pedigree)

Olford Silver Snap is the first foal from both his Dam and Sire. He has a wonderful temperament and good shoulder. We might look at selling him as we have retained his sire and dam.

Olford Sera-Jack: 26th September 2010 – 100% Crabbet (pedigree)

Olford Sera-Jack is a chestnut son of Olford Sera-Victor, and promises to be an excellent colt. He has personality complimented by good movement and lovely conformation. He is a half brother to Olford Sera-Domino, through their Dam. We look forward to seeing him mature and are pleased with the foals his dam has produced.

Olford Silver 'n Gold: 3 January 2011 – 100% Crabbet (pedigree)

Olford Silver 'n Gold is a big colt with excellent bone. He has an easy nature and we will defiantly be retaining him at Olford, as he is the only Olford Count Amor son from the Silver Family. He promises to be a big stallion and look forward to seeing him mature.

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