Olford Silverbelle: 23 October 1992 - 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

This is the last Olford mare to have been bred by Betty Arnold at Olford, and is typically Crabbet in every respect. She is a big mare with excellent movement and lovely shoulder. Silverbelle is the dam of full brother and sister, Olford Silver Sabre and Olford Silver flame.

Olford Silver Swan: 26 January 2004 - 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

A gentle mare, the daughter of Dartford Seralynx, she is strong mare with good bone. She carries 7 crosses to Raktha, and  Silver Gilt appears 4 times in her pedigree.


Olford Sera-Grace: 15 February 2004 - 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

An Olford Danny Boy daughter, Olford Sera-Grace is a compact mare with good bone. She carries a strong chestnut gene producing foals with lots of white. Sera-Grace is a kind mare and always the first to approach one in the paddock for a treat.

Olford Silver Flame: 31 January 2007 - 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

(Shovan Gazee x Olford Silverbelle) a mare similar in my opinion to the famous Crabbet mare Silver Gilt, Olford Silver Flame is her great x3 granddaughter in tail female.


Olford Sera-Rebecca: 19 March 2007 - 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

(Olford Seraoud x Olford Sera-Justine) This is a lovely thick set mare with wonderful substance and good movement. She has a kind disposition and is a pleasure to handle.

Olford Silver Oz: 16 November 2010 – 100% Crabbet  (pedigree)

As her name would suggest this filly is the first foal to be born from her Imported Australian sire. She is also the first 100% Crabbet foal to be born in the country from an imported 100% Crabbet sire in almost 20years. She is a striking filly with all the qualities her sire has. She reminds me of her sires dam Inshallah Silver Elysiam who I was fortunate to see in Australia, in 2005.  Silver Oz defiantly has inherited what the Australians call the "Banderol look" and are pleased that she carries the sought after blood of those famous Crabbet Stallions Indian Magic, Bright Shadow, and the rare blood of Azrek. We look forward to her maturing and are sure she will become an important asset to the Olford Breeding program.


Olford Dancing Jewel: 10 October 2010 – 100% Crabbet (pedigree)

We are pleased to have this filly from the Dancing family. Olford Dancing Jewel is a half sister to Olford Dancing Duel. She is a small filly, but we are confident she will mature into a good solid mare, who will be retained at Olford.

Dartford My Madonna:  31 August 1999  (pedigree)

A beautiful mare My Madonna stands 15hh and has tremendous quality. She has lovely movement and is breeding extreme English worth. The dam of Dartford My Masterpiece she is a formidable dam of excellent progeny.

Dartford My My:  4 March 2007  (pedigree)

A pretty mare she is the daughter of Dartford My Madonna and Dartford Seralynx. She is a nicely put together mare with a lovely temperament and movement.

Dartford My Martini: 23 September 2010  (pedigree)

Dartford My Martini looks to be a lovely tall filly with good movement. She is half brother to Dartford My Masterpiece and will be retained at stud.

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