To many the name of the late Betty Arnold is synonymous with the Olford Arab Stud and the outstanding quality of her horses. Highly regarded for her keen interest and breeding of the Crabbet Arabian, two mares namely Sharona (Rissalix x Samsie) who died soon after her arrival and Silverlet (Raktha x Silver Gilt) who became the foundation mare at the Olford Stud, were imported from Crabbet Park in 1948.

This marked what would become a life long love affair with the Crabbet Arabian, the beginning of the Olford legacy, and the preservation of 100% Crabbet Arabian blood in South Africa.

The Olford stud consists of three families, each descending from an Imported Crabbet mare. These families are the, Silver Family, the Sera family and the Dancing Family.

The Silver family is descended from the original mare imported in 1948 Silverlet. This is a family held in high regard among Arab breeders the world over. Silverlet has herself left her mark on not only the Olford stud but also the Arabian horse in Southern Africa, with many a Southern African Arabian being a descendents of this mare. Among her most well known descendents are the mare Olford Silver Trinket, a mare that sadly herself never left any offspring to perpetuate her blood. She however was Aunt Betty's favorite riding horse. Silverlet is survived through her great great granddaughter Olford Silverbelle who has in turn give us two fillies, Olford Silver Swan (Olford Count Amor x Olford Silverbelle) and Olford Silver Flame (Shovan Gazee x Olford Silverbelle) and a colt Olford Silver Saber (Shovan Gazee x Olford Silverbelle).

The second and most prolific family in the Olford Stud is the Sera Family that claims their ancestry from the imported mare Serafilla. This mare was not imported by Betty Arnold, however was bought and has markedly influenced the breeding program at Olford. She is survived by her descendent mares Olford Sera-Justine (Osiris Seraphina x Olford Count Amor) Olford Sera-Grace (Olford Sera-Justine x Olford Danny Boy) and Olford Sera-Rebecca (Shovan Gazee x Olford Sera-Justine). Serafilla is survived by her descendent stallions in Dartford Sera-Lynx (Osiris Seraphina x Olford Count Amor) Shovan Gazee (Olford Rytham x Olford Serafan) Olford Sera-Victor (Olford Danny Boy x Olford Serafantasy) Olford Sera-Domino (Olford Danny Boy x Olford Sera-Grace). Olford Seraoud (Olford Count Amor x Olford Serafantasy) and Dartford Serafox (Olford Count Amor x Olford Serafantasy) are further descendents that have been sold in the recent past.     

The third family is the Dancing Family, who are descended form the imported mare Dancing Crystal. A family at Olford which have produced some outstanding stock namely Olford Dancing Shadow and Olford Dancing Flame. The Dancing family is represented in the tail female line by, Olford Dancing Belle (Crystal fire x Dartford Seralynx) who herself has recently produced a colt foal, Olford Dancing Fox-trot. Through the perseverance and determination of South Africa's very own Lady Wentworth, Betty Arnold never wavered in her principles, or submitted to the fashion of the day, however stood firm in her belief in breeding Crabbet Arabians, to which we are indebted to her.

Because of her efforts, South African breeders are able to draw on a gene pool that will only improve the efforts of any breeding program.


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