The Olford Arabian Stud was founded in 1948 by Betty Arnold. The Olford Stud is the oldest existing, and only stud in South Africa to be breeding 100% Crabbet Arabians.

Olford is synonymous with breeding horses of exceptional quality and temperament, believing that an Arabian is first and foremost a riding horse. This is evidenced in the many champions under saddle the Olford Stud has produced over the past 62 years.

Besides 100% Crabbet Arabians the Stud is also well know for its Anglo Arabians, of which many have excelled in dressage, endurance and open riding classes.

The stud was originally situated just outside the historic town of Bedford, in the Eastern Cape Province, before being bestowed to the current owner Wesley Hayes, who then moved the stud to its current location on the Hayes family farm, Cathcart's gift, 18km outside the Frontier town of Queenstown, also in the Eastern Cape Province.

The Olford horses now shelter in the afternoon shade of the Winterberg mountain range of which Olford comprises, seven 100% Crabbet stallions and seven 100% Crabbet mares.

The Olford breeding program influences the Dartford Arab stud also run on the farm which is founded on the breeding of the Ilizwe mare, Ilizwe My Fantasia, who in turn is decended from the Al-Marah bred mare, Al-Marah My Folly imported from America.

The Dartford Stud comprises of High percentage Crabbet bred horses, and further is the prefix used to breed Part bred Arabians, of which some of the Olford Stallions are used on Part bred mares.

Olford aims to continue the Legacy of Betty Arnold, by preserving the Crabbet bloodline in South Africa, and perpetuate an Arabian horse that can compete in open competition and excel at endurance.

The Olford Stud allows breeders the rare opportunity to make use of stallions which will consequence bone, movement and temperament, while all the time throwing good size and carrying the blood of some of the worlds greatest Arabians.

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